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Please send us some information in advance so that we can roughly assess what it is about and what stage the proceedings are at. Without this information, we can’t provide you with qualified information.

Criminal defense is a matter of trust

Everybody has strengths – ours is criminal defense! As a highly specialized law firm in criminal law and white-collar crime, we take over defenses in criminal matters – personally, committed and unyieldingly. At the stage of the preliminary proceedings, a good defense is particularly promising as this is where the foundation is laid out for further proceedings. When you get in contact with us, we will be happy to discuss your options with you in an initial assessment.

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»Everything will be good in the end,
if it isn’t good, it’s not the end.«

Mirko Laudon, Criminal defense lawyer

As a lawyer, I am of course bound by legal confidentiality. You can therefore discuss anything with me – no matter what your concerns are, you don’t have to feel uncomfortable.

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